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2600 N Central Ave, Suite 640, Phoenix
2600 N Central Ave, Suite 640, Phoenix


Business Valuation

Determining the value of a privately held company requires a detailed analysis by an experienced and credentialed expert. Every valuation engagement we perform considers a thorough understanding of the economic and industry environment in which the company operates.

Forensic Accounting

We approach each forensic engagement with a big-picture mentality that involves identifying the most advanced areas to examine and employing the most advanced techniques.

Economic Damages

We work closely with clients and advisors to determine reasonable and highly defensible damage analyses and have the experience to testify in court regarding our findings.

Asset Tracing

Tracing is utilized in marital dissolutions, civil litigation and criminal cases. The purpose is the same, telling the story of where the money or assets came from, and where they went.


Our team has served as a court-appointed receiver on numerous occasions for reasons ranging from marital disputes to the liquidation of a multimillion-dollar investment funds that collapsed under the weight of a Ponzi scheme fraud.

Litigation Support

Because accounting is the language of business, accounting experts can often clarify business transactions and explain the records reflecting them to lawyers, judges and juries.

Who are we?

Cases are rarely the same, but our approach is

Our Work Process


Initial Consultation

It may take just a phone call, or a meeting.  We will meet with you and your attorney to discuss the status of your matter and how we fit in.  The earlier in the process the better. We want to earn your trust.


Data request and discovery

You may have everything we need to get started, but this is not likely.  We will work closely with you to gather the required information.  Document requests and subpoenas can be used to fill in the missing pieces.


Data review and analysis

As documents and data is reviewed our scope may change.  Additional documents are often sought to answer new questions.


Depositions and Interrogatories

This is our chance to ask the questions. We will work with your attorney to ask the right questions based on our analysis.


Report writing

We want you and everyone that reads our report to understand it.  Yes it will be full of excel tables and numbers, but we also provide industry leading source data and clear and convincing written analysis. We use graphs and charts to simplify when possible.


Rebuttal and Expert Depositions

Experts don’t always agree.  We will review opposing reports and consider how they impact our findings. This is also the time that the experts testify in preparation for trial.



We treat every case like it’s going to trial.  Our purpose is to make sure the trier of fact understands our position. Every report and every conclusion is backed by our diligent analysis.

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