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2600 N Central Ave, Suite 640, Phoenix
2600 N Central Ave, Suite 640, Phoenix

Forensic Accounting

Financial statements and other reports are only meaningful when the underlying details are accurate and properly organized. In our forensic analysis, we go “behind the numbers” to examine underlying source documentation such as bank and credit card statements, general ledgers and other business records to test and verify the information presented in financial reports. We also trace cash and other assets that may have flowed between various accounts and entities over the course of many years. We approach each forensic engagement with a big-picture mentality that involves identifying the most advanced areas to examine and employing the most advanced techniques. Our balanced approach to forensic accounting offers the peace of mind that comes from examining the details combined from a strategic point of view.


Forensic Accounting Assignments:

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Civil Litigation

  • Shareholders' and Partnership Disputes

  • Business Interruption / Other Types of Insurance Claims

  • Business/Employee Fraud Investigations

  • Matrimonial Disputes (Hidden Assets, Determination of Income for child support or spousal support, marital waste)

  • Business Economic Losses