What fee structure do you offer?

Our hourly rates range from $140 to $300, with an average blended rate in the low $200 range. As for the hours, it depends on the situation and the services being provided. We strive to have reasonable rates without the overhead of the larger firms in town. We don’t over staff engagements, as the expert must be involved to provide the best services.

Do you do joint retention?

Yes, we also serve as Family Law Special Masters to resolve financial or business issues.

Do you require a retainer payment?

Yes, amounts vary by engagement. Call us to discuss the situation and we can give you a better estimate. We also accept credit card payments.

I am trying to save costs, do I need an expert?

If we don’t believe our services are beneficial to you, we will tell you that. Waiting until the last minute does not save you money, it just limits how much we can help.

How quickly can you issue a report?

Retaining us early in your project is always most beneficial to you.  We can usually get most valuation and forensic projects done 30 days after receiving all requested information. In a rush, give us a call to discuss.

Do you have any references?

We would love to brag about our clientele and how we helped them, but some things are better left behind closed doors. We have worked with some of the best firms in town. Download one of our lists of cases and feel free to call any of the attorneys listed and ask about us.