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Economic Damages

Analyzing and quantifying economic damages requires the construction of financial models representing two alternate realities. The first financial model (the “But For Scenario”) consists of what would have happened had some damaging event not taken place. The second financial model (the “Actual Scenario”) presents the actual results that took place following a damaging event. By comparing the differences in the But For and Actual Scenarios, we then determine the financial impact of the damaging event. We work closely with clients and advisors to determine reasonable and highly defensible damage analyses and have the experience to testify in court regarding our findings.

Economic Damage Assignments:

  • Past and future lost wages,
  • Lost earning capacity,
  • Breech of contract,
  • Business interruption or loss,
  • Fraud or missrepresentation,
  • business torts,
  • intellectual property infringements,
  • construction defects and delays.