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2600 N Central Ave, Suite 640, Phoenix
2600 N Central Ave, Suite 640, Phoenix

Business Valuation

Finding the value of a publicly traded company or security is as easy as typing in a ticker symbol. Determining the value of a privately held company, however, requires a detailed analysis by an experienced and credentialed expert. We utilize a data-driven approach under the asset, income and market approaches to arrive at our conclusion of value. Every valuation engagement we perform considers a thorough understanding of the economic and industry environment in which the company operates.

We have the knowledge and experience that comes from having performed thousands of engagements and our analyses routinely withstand scrutiny from opposing experts, judges, and regulatory agencies. We have extensive experience valuing intangible assets for ASC 805 purchase price allocations, conducting goodwill impairment tests under ASC 350, valuing equity compensation under ASC 718, and valuing specialty and illiquid assets including exotic derivatives. Our work has been accepted by all of the major national accounting firms and conforms with AICPA guidance.

Valuation assignments:

  • Shareholder disputes,
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestures,
  • Financial reporting,
  • Marital dissolution,
  • Estate gifting,
  • Bankruptcy,
  • ESOP transactions,
  • Economic damages,
  • Management decision making.